Drive Qualified Active Sales Opportunities with Target Market Leads

Target Market Leads leverages a strong in-house database crafted for the telecom industry with an experienced integrated approach to successfully drive qualified active sales opportunities for our clients. This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best – Selling!

The following are just a few of the assets that contribute to the Target Market Leads program providing outstanding value for our clients:

  • Month to Month Program

    No Commitment.  We are so confident in our leads, we earn your business every month.

  • Head Start

    Receive valuable sales intelligence on opportunities now that will give your business a distinct sales advantage prior to even making a payment.  Our model is to receive payment at the end of the month.

  • Quality First

    With a proven process developed over the years, Quality is our hallmark.   The quality of our leads is the defining factor that sets us apart from our imitators.

  • Limited Access Program

    Tick Tock the Game is Locked.  Out of respect for our valued clients, this is a limited access program.  If the market you are interested in is at maximum capacity, then please be sure to ask about signing up for our wait list.

  • Priced Right with Best in Class ROI

    We built this program to be the right price, no matter the size of your business.  When you combine the right price with the quality of our leads it results in a can’t miss ROI.

  • Size DOES Matter

    Our internal database has been built to target the organizations that provide a good opportunity for success.  The median size opportunity that we have generated to date is 75 users with an average size of 195 users.